The HX Company

We specialize in strategic transformation, culture change and brand strategy.
Beyond UX and CX, our frontier is HX - the Human Experience.

What we do

We create ideas you can feel.
We bring humans and their nature into the picture.
**We transform brand experiences. **

Our Approach

We believe in the power of epiphany.
Our proprietary Epiphany Framework helps clients engage in deeper brand interactions.

These days, too little attention is given to what consumers really get out of interacting with brands beyond the fleeting selfie, gif, or swag. Brand "experiences" are generally lite, pleasant or ‘fun’ but offer little lasting impressions.

So instead, we converge deep knowledge from psychology, semiotics, anthropology, and business to bring a richer understanding of how to impact people in a more meaningful way. We move our discussions from generic experience to epiphany – “a sudden and great realization.”

Category Expertise

We've worked with companies across a wide array of industries. Our category experience spans the full range from young to legacy brands including:

CPG / FMCGRetailE-Commerce
FashionBeverages Wine & Spirits
ChocolateLuxuryHigher Education
AgricultureTelecomCloud / SaaS
FinServe / FinTechHealth & WellnessVitamins & Supplements

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Purpose & Story

We believe purpose is in the doing.

Not in pleasant slogans, airy ideals or tangential CSR efforts. Real purpose stirs action, generates energy, and sparks innovation. Real purpose fuels people to contribute as best they can and share their passion with partners, investors, vendors, consumers, even friends and family.Embedding your purpose within a simple, compelling brand story moves people from company to community. Communities held together by zip code are very different than communities held together by what they do and what they believe.

Purpose Intervention

Does purpose impact your operations...
or just marketing?

Too often, purpose lives in decks and not in daily operations or company culture.With aggressive competitors in overdrive, mergers and acquisitions provoking internal culture clash, and rapidly changing consumer behavior, purpose won't make a difference as just a marketing tool.We work with you to operationalize your purpose and bring about true culture change.

Immersive Facilitation

We don't brainstorm. We provoke and inspire. We are experts at getting groups of people to engage with each other -- to share, debate and make decisions together.We don't facilitate in the vacuum of familiar beige conference rooms. We create spaces that challenge existing assumptions in order to spark new insights and epiphanies.Whether shy, loud or opinionated, people who work with us are always surprised to find themselves engaging on a more dynamic and honest level.